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eSIM Thailand Unlimited
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How to use Dash eSIM

eSIM works like this!

1. Place an order

Pick a suitable data plan for you.
Easily buy it online when you need it.

2. Activate your eSIM plan

The email will be sent within minutes.
Scan the QR code from the email.

3. Connect to the internet

After finish setting up your eSIM plan,
Use the LTE local network at your destination.

eSIM Dash features

3 best things about eSIM

Easy to buy eSIM

Easy purchasing

Just get an eSIM via email
and use it instantly

Fast speed eSIM

Speedy internet

Surf the internet freely
while you are at abroad
Customer help eSIM

Get a friendly help

If you have any questions
feel free to contact us

Customer testimonials

What customers are saying

Kai Alvin
eSIM USA | 5 days
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"Really easy travel data plan! I bought this for visiting my friend, and it worked perfectly. Mostly loved how the installation was easy."
Luca Hubert
eSIM Thailand | 7 days
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"Great for travelers. Got it with my email as soon as I ordered. It took just a minute. I’m going to use this every time I travel abroad."
Alex Bray
eSIM Japan | 20 days
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"Love this! I was bit worried since this was my first using an eSIM, but I worked without any problems. Worked fine everywhere."
Rohan Lipman
eSIM Thailand | 1 week ago
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"Only eSIM plan I’ll use. I highly recommend this one. Don’t need any app download. I just had to scan the QR code from my email for activation."
Kyle Knox
eSIM Japan | 4 months ago
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"There isn’t anything else truly like this eSIM. Best prices offered with enough data amount. Of course the internet speed is very satisfying too."
Finn Cline
eSIM Thailand | 3 weeks ago
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"I absolutely love this eSIM plan. I’ve searched a lot and this one is the most reasonable price with perfect data amount. I made my friend to use it also."